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He Gives and He Takes….Dada Jashan Vaswani

c He gives… he takes d

A Rabbi loved his two sons more than life. Every evening, as he returned from work, he would meet them, embrace them, seat them by his side and then eat his evening meal.

One evening, he returns home, calls out his children by name and receives no answering response. He feels restless. His wife asks:-“Tell me, husband! If some one left two precious pearls in my custody and after several years came back to claim them, would I be right in refusing to return them?”

“What a question” the Rabbi exclaims “Go, wife! And restore to the owner the two pearls, without delay!”

His wife then takes him inside. There lie the dead bodies of their two sons covered in white sheet. The Rabbi is disconsolate with grief: he bursts into a fit of weeping.

“Why do you grieve?” says his wife to the Rabbi. “Did you not say a little while ago that what belongs to another must be restored to him without delay? Our two sons were precious pearls given us by God. He gave: He has taken. Blessed be His Name.”

Dada Jashan Vaswani