Law of Balance….Napoleon Hill

The Universal Law of Balancing

Nature’s universal balance is another device by which nature maintains a perfect balance of everything that exists throughout the universe, including: (1) Time, (2) Space, (3) Energy, (4) Matter, and (5) Intelligence, through which these known factors are shaped into every specialized form known to man.

Through a portion of the great law of Universal Balance, every adversity, every defeat, every failure, every disappointment, every human frustration of whatsoever nature or cause, brings with it, in the circumstance itself, the seed of an equivalent benefit.

The Universal Balancing Law extends not only to human beings in all their problems and relationships with one another, but also to trees and all things, which grow from the soil of the earth. Universal Balancing Law extends also to all in-animate matter, down to the smallest units of matter. The electrons and the protons of the atom which are held in perfect balance by two equal units of power – a tug-of-war where one pulls and the other pushes to a point of stalemate which creates the balance.

Throughout that portion of our universe which we have been able to explore we find a perfect system of balancing between all the stars and planets, and the nebulous matter which has not yet taken on the form of planets or stars. If this Law of Balance did not exist there would be constant chaos through the collisions of stars and planets, and the seasons of the year, and day and night, would not be regulated or their habits predictable.



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