Three Urdu Poets on God…..Contributed by Ram Gidwani

Three Urdu Poets.

Pursue & muse at the depth of thought !!!!!

These three poets are legendary in Urdu literature as also their following couplets. The poets Ghalib(1797 -1869), Iqbal(1877-1938) and Faraz(1931-2008) present their views on the universality of God in the couplets. It was not a feud. At best you can call it a poetic difference of opinion by intellectual and witty minds, spread across centuries.

Ghalib started it: In the 19th century , it was a bold statement. But then Ghalib was never known for meekness or following the crowd.

“Saakee, sharaab peene de masjid mein baith kar
Ya wo jagah bataa, jahaan per Khuda na ho.”

[Let me drink
in a mosque;
or tell me the
place where
there is no


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