Lament or Laugh…. MountainWings

All of us find ourselves in harsh situations.
The situation may be because we made an obvious error or simply because someone disagrees with our decision.

After you have done what you can do about your harsh situation,
you then have a very important choice.

You decide how you will feel and talk about it.

You can fret, fuss, cuss, holler, cry, lament, shout, argue,
complain, lash out and just get plain nasty about it.
That’s your choice.

You can see a shadow and hide


You can joke about it,
make people laugh,
see the humor in it,
smile wide and bright
and leave others awash in your glow.

That’s what Vernon Jones decided to do.

I often laugh at tough situations and Puddin (my wife) will ask,
"Why are you laughing?"

"I can either laugh or lament, I have a choice. If I laugh,
I feel better and everyone around me feels better. If I lament
that sure won’t make the situation any better but it will make
me worse, it can even make you sick," I explained.

Life is not so much what acts upon us, but how we react to it.

Laugh or lament.

The choice is yours.



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