8 Reasons You Should Not Feel Guilty About Getting Care for a Loved One… Kendall Van Blarcom

Care Is At Home Of Elderly.The decision to place an older parent in home care is a difficult one. There are many mixed emotions involved. You may feel relieved that you will finally get the help you need, but guilty you weren’t able to provide everything he or she needs. While the feelings of guilt may overpower your feelings of relief, it’s time to realize you have nothing to feel guilty about choosing home care for your loved one because there are many benefits to what you’re doing for them.

#1: Proper Care Is Provided

Unless you work with seniors already, you probably don’t have the experience needed to properly care for your older loved one. While you would do okay, turning to an expert in senior care can be quite a relief. With less chance of error, you can feel good about your older loved one being in good hands.

#2: Care Is Provided by Those Who Understand

A senior care worker has the knowledge and understanding elders need at this stage in life. Getting older can as be troubling mentally as much as it is physically, and having someone there for your older loved one to help them process it all is beneficial to his or her health.

#3: It Improves the Relationship You Have with Your Older Loved One

When the time you spend with your older loved one is frustrating, you will have a difficult time enjoying the good times you spend together. When you allow someone else to handle the trials of senior care, you end up improving your relationship with your parent. This means that time spent together is quality time that you’ll treasure.

#4: You Can Show You Love Your Parent in Other Ways

Some people believe the only way to show their parent they love him or her is through doing everything. You do not have to physically do everything for your parent. That is not the only way to love someone. You can also love someone in the way you interact with them, through what else you provide, and how you behave around the person. Keep in mind, you may not be able to show your love very well if you are constantly exhausted and upset because of the demands of caregiving.

#5: You Learn to Trust Yourself

One of the reasons people feel guilty about home care is because they don’t trust themselves to make the right decision. After deciding on home care and seeing how it helps your loved one and your family on multiple levels, you will see that it was probably the best situation for you. This will make you feel better about yourself, and help you trust yourself more.

#6: It Gives You Credit for Your Actions

Not only will you trust yourself, but you’ll likely be proud of your decision. You aren’t neglecting your aging parent, you are making sure he/she is getting the care needed to be success in this stage of life. This can significantly improve your self-esteem, which can then cause great things to happen in other parts of your life.

#7: Your Family Benefits

Family caregiving is stressful, and it doesn’t only affect you – it affects your whole family. When you’re stressed, people around you become that way, especially those closest to you. By choosing home care, you eliminate that stress, so you can be carefree and happy around other important people in your life.

#8: You Receive Care Too

Many home care centers provide support to family members. They may have support groups or someone in the center that offers time for family members to ask questions. This can be helpful and great for your mental health as you cope with the changes of old age.

Making the decision to seek home care for your older parent is not an easy one, but there are many benefits to it. Feeling guilty for not taking on the responsibility is common, but realizing you are taking care of your parent in this way can help you feel better about that decision.

Be good to yourself, so you can be good to your aging mom and/or dad. This stage of life should be filled with good feelings and times, so you can create memories you’ll treasure forever.

If you continue to struggle with anguish over the decision of home care, consider speaking with a professional such as a personal consultant. From the comfort of your home by telephone, you can talk through your thoughts and feelings, so you can feel better about your decision and make the right one for you and your loved ones.


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