WCF…World Culture Festival…Sandeep Karande

Most memorable event…World Culture Festival

And today, with the inconceivable acts of brutality in the Middle East and scare of terrorism in the rest of the world, the message of peace by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has become all the more essential. A mass movement to awaken the people from different religions to embrace diversity and acceptance, which can make the world peaceful, has been launched by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.World Culture Festival

This is set to leave a mark of unity on the planet. The World Culture Festival (WCF 2016) is a stepping stone in that direction. With leaders from political, business, religious, social & corporate sectors from almost all the countries in the world planning to participate, a loud message- louder than the one emanating from the Middle East is going to the world- the message that will inspire individuals to shun violence and accept people from diverse educational and religious backgrounds. The message of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam- that this world is made up of ONE BIG FAMILY. The threads of love and acceptance on this planet have just begun to weave!


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