Five robbers in the body….Adi Granth

There are five robbers in this body, lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride.

Adi Granth I, Gauri Rag


Arab Reading Challenge Dubai

The secrets of life and of self-discovery are revealed to those who abide by two rules and two rules only–to read and then, having read,to gain experience.

There is no future without books;no enlightenment or tolerance or co-existence’ without books;no creativity or innovation or invention without books;no economic prosperity or pioneering or leadership without books.

Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Life Begins When You Do…… Mary Anne Radmacher….Simple Truths

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced. Even a proverb is no proverb until your life has illustrated it.
A brief excerpt from Mary Anne’s book, Life Begins When You Do. Enjoy!
It’s up to you to make choices that work best for you. It really is all within your point of view. Regret is a matter of perspective. If you like who you are NOW, it follows that you can embrace, without regret, all the choices that led you here.
Difficulties impact me—they do not define me.
Challenges mold me—they do not make me.
Praise may encourage me—it is my own vision that inspires me.
Success may spur me on but it is my own reward that satisfies me.
Pain may permeate but my heart and hope prevail.
Criticism and pettiness may knock but the lock is on my side of the door.
Abundance may pave the road but it is generosity that lights the way.
As long as I’m breathin’—I’m livin’.
My way. Beginning every fresh moment—now!