I don’t want to worry about another to do list, I don’t want to be lying on my death bed worrying that I still had 4 things to cross off. I live each day in the gratitude that I am here again today. Each day brings a new opportunity, a new discovery a new sense of joy. Each new experience I have is savoured as a moment of wonder and awe that came as a blessing not as a tick mark off my list.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to plan your next holiday, or set your next goal but I don’t think it’s necessary to put it on a list of things you must do before you die. Bucket lists are ways to escape your current life and somehow make the amazingness of each and every ordinary day insignificant. If we are worrying about getting to Paris, we may just miss the most fantastic adventure we could have had by taking last minute trip to our friends cabin 2 hours away.

The joy and bliss that comes with experiencing something doesn’t have to be planned. Sometimes when we plan a great adventure, we believe that if we accomplish it we will feel fantastic, only to find the feeling of planning was far more exciting then the actual event. How many of us would have walking to the park with their son, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and the smile of his face as he comes down the slide on our bucket list? I wouldn’t trade that for any safari in the world. Most of us already experience more joy on a daily basis then any list could bring.

While I was writing my son looked over at was filling the screen. When he saw the word bucket, my son blurted out ” I have a bucket, it’s full” I asked him what it was full of. He said “everytime someone makes you feel good and happy you put it in your bucket. I try to fill your bucket all the time” Out of the mouths of…

Maybe thats the secret of a bucket list, our buckets are already full, we don’t need anymore, our mission is to fill up other peoples buckets.

I started my businesses in order to make a difference in peoples lives, maybe its time for you to do the same. Is your bucket overflowing with feelings of joy? Then spill it out and fill someone else’s bucket! Even if yours isn’t full, the feeling of filling someone else’s bucket up will surely fill yours as well.

If a bucket list’s purpose is to make you feel good then perhaps the best thing you can do to accomplish that is to fill someone else’s bucket.

What are you doing today to fill someone else’s bucket?


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