On Meditation…OSHO

Meditation is not something you do in the morning and you are finished with it,
meditation is something that you have to go on living every moment of your life.
Walking, sleeping, sitting, talking, listening — it has to become a kind of climate.

A relaxed person remains in it. A person who goes on dropping the past remains meditative.
Never act out of conclusions; those conclusions are your conditionings, your prejudices,
your desires, your fears, and all the rest of it. In short, you are there!

You means your past. You means all your experiences of the past. Don’t allow the dead
to overrule the living, don’t allow the past to influence the present, don’t allow death to
overpower your life — that’s what meditation is. In short, in meditation you are not there.

The dead is not controlling the living.

Meditation is a kind of experience which gives you a totally different quality to live your
life. Then you don’t live like a Hindu, or a Mohammedan, Indian or German; you simply
live as consciousness.

When you live in the moment and there is nothing interfering,
attention is total because there is no distraction — distractions come from the past and the
future. When attention is total the act is total. It leaves no residue. It goes on freeing you,
it never creates cages for you, it never imprisons you. And that is the ultimate goal of
Buddha; that’s what he calls nirvana.
‘Nirvana’ means freedom — utterly, absolute, unobstructed. You become an open sky.

There is no border to it, it is infinite. It is simply there… and then there is nothingness all
around you, within and without. Nothingness is the function of a meditative state of
consciousness. And in that nothingness is benediction.
That nothingness itself is the



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