This Too Shall Pass Away

Since life is brief,

We need to make it bright!

Thou keep the old king’s motto in sight!

And let its meaning permeate each day

Whatever comes

This too shall pass away.

When some great sorrow

Like a mighty river,

Flows thro’ your life

With peace-destroying power,

And dearest things are swept

From sight forever,

Say to yourself then in this most trying hour,

This too shall pass away

If you are happy,

It will make you feel grateful.

If you are in the pain,

It will raise up your hopes.

If you are failed,

It will give you more courage.

If you are wealthy,

It will save you from being wasteful.

If you are poor,

It will keep your faith

If sickness besets you,

It will make you tranquil,

If triumph is yours,

It will make you humble.

In sickness or in health-

It will remind you

That life is just a passing stage,

A preparation for the eternity.



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