Look Within…..A St0ry

There is a story of the man searching for his lost key outside his home, under the streetlight. When a stranger inquired if she could help him look for the lost key, he was most grateful. After thirty minutes of fruitless searching,

the stranger asked, “Where did you drop your key?” “oh,” he replied, “I dropped it inside the house.” “but why are you looking outside under the street lamp if you dropped it inside the house?” She asked. “I have no light inside

the house, so I came out here to look where there is light.”

This is precisely what we do every time we look outside of ourselves for the solutions to problems. We live inside, we think inside, our humanity resides within, yet we spend time ceaselessly looking outside of ourselves for the answers

because we fail to illuminate the inside with our thoughts. We resist the principle that thought is everything we are, because it seems easier to look outside.


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