My Husband Does Not Make Me Happy!

10 Secrets to a Balanced, Successful & Happy Life

In a Relationship Workshop, when a wife was asked ” Does your husband make you truly happy?”

The husband was confident that she would say yes because she had never complained to him about anything.

“No, my husband has never made me happy. I am happy!” She replied. ” My feeling happy does not depend on him but on me. I am the only one who can create my happiness.”

” Some say I cannot be happy because I am sick, because I have no money, because I was insulted by someone, because the weather is too hot, because my kids do not listen to me etc”

“I love life not because my life is easier than other peoples but because I decided to be happy as an individual. I am responsible for my own happiness.”

” When I take this responsibility out of my husbands shoulders, I leave him…

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