Real Knowledge….Confucius…Shared by mage1999

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

– Confucius


Tending to Your Inner Weeds….DailyGood

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Tending to Your Inner Weeds

If you break open a seed, there is no tree inside, there is only spirit; living energy in the form of potential.

– Don Mateo Sol –

Tending to Your Inner Weeds

Tending to your garden is said to be good for your soul, but what if you tended to your life as you do your garden? In this piece, writer Alanda Greene discusses the lessons her garden weeds have taught her about paying attention to her inner weeds; those habits, behaviors, and tendencies we all have, and often ignore until they are out of hand. Much like weeds obstruct the fullest potential of a garden, these behaviors can block us from reaching our own potential. However, instead of placing the blame on ourselves for these habits and tendencies, we can use non-loaded terms such as, ‘obstacles, hindrances, transformation, and choice,’ says Greene, to release the emotional ties to these habits, and instead transform them into positive goals.

Be The Change

Choose a habit or behavior that has become an obstacle in your life that you would like to work on. This week, try ‘weeding’ it out with the attitude of someone tending to their garden.


A Work in Progress….Tommy’s Window

" A Work in Progress "

a work in progress-250

“Faults and failings in others aren’t the sad things in life."

“What is truly sad is to have such myopic vision as to see only faults, when God has placed before you opportunities for growth and learning through patience, forgiveness, faith‚ and love.”